Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Amberina Razvi

The painting is titled 'Contemplation'.

The Gold and blue arabesques in the background symbolize my thoughts...blue, representing calmness, purity and positivity and gold, representing divinity, spirituality and mysticism...
I come from a mixed background.. Persian and Indian
I have always had a spiritual bent of  mind. I grew up reading Sufi poetry and religious/gnostic literature and classics from different cultures and traditions.

The painting is oil on canvas.



  1. This is a great idea for an art blog! And it´s connecting artists doing portrait paintings. WOW! I follow your activities and I will send you a self portrait very soon to take part at your blog.

    Please have a look at my photorealistic portraits at: http://www.portraits2null.blogspot.com/

    Best regards from germany - Lars

  2. I sent a self portrait to your mail-account.


  3. You have done a Great job, keep doing more work like this ! Thanks..You should also check out contemporary abstract paintings