Monday, November 23, 2009

Kathleen McHugh

"On The Amgen Bridge"
oil on canvas

The thought of a self-portrait never occurred to me until I saw a
photo someone took of me while I was so
engrossed in what I was doing that I became completely oblivious to my
surroundings. It seemed to be material
for exploring what a moment of the creative process would look like
frozen in time by oil paint.

Jennifer Zoellner

I am a mail artist. Sometimes I send self portraits in the mail. This is my latest piece that was sent to Mark Bloch. This piece is acrylics on a vintage record. I also do oil paintings, make rag dolls, jewelry, and artist books. My one true love is mail art. I have a current mail art call that anyone can enter. All work is shown on the website and at a future show. I have two blogs www.jenniferzoe.blogspot and

Pattie Wall

This self-portrait is painted in pastel on velour paper. As an artist, I have tried many, many self portraits. I feel good about this latest one. It is the best likeness I have achieved over time and that was my goal when I set out to paint it. I can even see the "Kem" family resemblance - my ancestors who have gone before me. It measures about 9" x 12". Keeping the pastel strokes loose and pushing myself on the skintones was another goal. It's worked from my own photo of which I took several - one day in a lull moment. Painting other people is an easier task than painting yourself, I feel.

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