Thursday, January 12, 2012

Stephen Southerland

Title: The Red Hat

29 x 39 cm

Acrylic on Canvas Paper

This painting was executed at the very end of December 2011. I did this to test out a combination of direct/indirect painting which I explain in some detail on my blog. I am currently journeying towards becoming a full time professional fine artist and teacher. I paint because I must. When I am painting my life makes more sense. 

My painting blog:

Title: Self Portrait 2012

11"x14" Acrylic on Canvas Panel

I painted this self portrait in 1 hour before I had to go to work. I was inspired by the words of an artist friend who once remarked on the lack of bright colors in most of my paintings.



  1. beautiful modelling Stephen! i also enjoyed visiting your blog and seeing your work.... impressive!

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  3. Thanks Rahina! And thanks for stopping by!