Thursday, April 23, 2009

Felicity Grace

"The self portrait was the result of one of those occasions when you see a face in the mirror and suddenly realise it's your own! I felt very unwell with an approaching migraine and I thought the pain showed in my expression. With this portrait I think I finally accepted that migraines have and will probably always be a part of my life. As the pain subsides and I can get up and get on with my life, I try to embrace the fact that they force me to stop and appreciate the most important things in life - namely health and family."


  1. I've always liked this portrait of you because it shows a side of you in a raw, emotional and painfulmoment. It's not a side many would bebrave enough to show. It has the element of truth that is always more interesting.
    The portrait is beautifully drawn as well ;)

  2. i'm sorry to read about your migraines here and on your blog. : ( The expressions have been captured by you beautifully in this portrait.

  3. Nice, I can see how you captured a concerned look.