Thursday, May 21, 2009


My story as an artist is as many others, I think. I was drawing from the day I can remember. Hoping one day I could become an artist. I was born and raised in Leeuwarden (Holland) in 1962 but started my career as a graphic art designer. I always knew and felt that drawing and painting was the job to be. Inspired by Rembrandt, I read books about Rembrandt when I was a kid, and later influenced by Maris, Israels and Breitner I really started painting in 2006. I started to experiment with all kinds of mediums and felt that oil was the best medium to express myself. What I like in a painting is the game between light and shadows. That is an important aspect in my work. To create a balance between light and dark in order to get a certain atmosphere. This sometimes leads to commissions. At the moment I find myself painting more with soft edges. I discovered that soft edges emphasizes the mood I am looking for in a painting. 

Self portrait - oil on canvas - 23 x 31 inches - 2008